Users of the World, Unite!

After reading the article by the name of ” Users of the world, untie! The challenges and opportunities of Social Media” , I found a very important thing that really get my attention on that. There are five points about being social are mentioned in this article, which are be active, be interesting, be humble, be unprofessional and be honest. The reason why do I think these five points will cause my interest is that I really want to know how to better through social media to integrate into society and how to better establish a platform to communicate with others. Be active, this is a very good point when I read this article. If you want to build a good relationship with other people and get the attention of people around,  you better  update your news and make sure that they keep fresh all the time when you use the Internet platform such as Facebook, Twitter or Blog. Be interesting, no one will like the things are not that interesting, you have to get some ideas through communicate with others and try to find out what the things that other people will spend more time to pay attention to it. For example, if you did post something online about ” what are the Five Simple Rules for a Happy Life? ” or  write down an article called ” My experience with Iphone ” , by doing so you can get the attention from other people and you can make other people launched a discussion and communication as well. Be humble, humble is a good virtue for our daily life, do not think that you are better than others or you know things much more than anyone else, especially when you are using the social media. Be unprofessional, as we know, nothing is perfect in the world, do not be afraid of mistakes, you are going to do it better next time when people see these errors. Be honest, you have to provide people with really credible news or claims rather than go to fool others, this is particularly important when everyone is paying attention to it. After reading this article, I do believe through the understanding and mastering these five key points about being social, we can establish a better social communication platform and all the people will get wider communication.


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