The groundswell inside your company

In the previous several chapters, we have been learned a lot of information about how to use groundswell to connect with the customers. But don’t forget it that the employees of companies are very important as well. In chapter 12, we are going to talk about the internal groundswell. As we know, those employees are extremely important for the enterprises, “They’re a natural constituency for social connections. They obviously have something in common: they work for you. And they ought to have a common goal: your company’s success”  (Li & Bernoff, 2011, p. 234). 

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Apple Inc., as one of the biggest communication and electronic equipment suppliers in the world, they have more internal communication problems. We have discussed before that there are five major objectives that companies can pursue in the groundswell, these objectives also applies for within the company. Apple should set up the management level to listen to the employees, get some idea from some employees, and talking to them. Try to find out some of the work of conscientious and responsible and full of enthusiasm of employees, this will have a huge impact on the companies with energizing the groundswell. Since we know the importance of employees, after understanding the employees’ idea and advice, company should actively cooperate with hard work, try their best to provide a better working environment and platform to support their work, especially for the big companies of high-tech research and development like Apple (Li & Bernoff, 2011, p. 237-238). There are a lot of companies doing the same thing with Apple, such as Samsung and Nokia, they provide people with electronic communications terminal equipment or electronic equipment. These companies should not be too constraint between themselves, should be bold communicate with each other, to get more and better creative inspiration, to produce more better products.



Li, C. & Bernoff, J.  (2011) Groundswell: winning in a world transformed by social technologies. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Publishing


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